Nathan Zahn is a long time veteran of the Canadian electronic music scene having helped found Winnipeg's Symptom Technologies in 1996. Since the mid-nineties warehouse rave days he hasn't stopped throwing wild parties while continuing to perfect and evolve his now legendary DJ skills. It is those skills that have given Nathan invitations to play gigs in such far flung locations as Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Montreal, Chicago, Glastonbury and Turkey. Whether it is a set of forward thinking tech house or an eclectic mix of deep dub, Nathan always keeps the vibe intelligent and hypnotic.

Nathan is also the director of MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition). MEME is Manitoba's premiere electronic music fest featuring 4 days of free outdoor events & club shows in Downtown Winnipeg.

Kelly Zahn is a fresh new talent coming out of Winnipeg playing very unique and forward thinking dance music. Kelly’s DJing became well polished and ready for public gigs during the early streaming days of the pandemic. Having built an online audience with her underground funky tech house and psychedelic tinged house music Kelly now is looking forward to a slew live gigs coming up in late 2021 and throughout 2022.

Download Nathan and Kelly Zahn's MP3 Set Here