MEME 2013 Documentary Ep.4 Final Available Now

Local independent film-makers Prosper Street Productions did some filming and various interviews during MEME 2013. Here they are in their own words, and stay tuned as they will be announcing more content and videos in the coming weeks.

We are Prosper Street Productions: A group of multimedia artists and promoters with a mission to bring all local underground scenes more into the spotlight and promote artists of different mediums that show a different vision of the world, not often found in mainstream art. We focus on artists not shy to brake barriers and taboos. We have done many multimedia art shows in the last 4 years which featured some visual artists also present at MEME and filmed a bit of “Space Jam” last year.

As avid electronic music lovers ourselves we thought that the electronic music of Winnipeg and local talent were deserving of coverage with all the work that is done behind the scene. Which is why we were proud to create these 4 episodes. Each episode covers one day of MEME each in order and all about 20-30 minutes long. There is no set release schedule but we are hoping to release one episode every 3-3.5 weeks with a teaser video half way between full videos. Stay tuned!

Interviews with Drumspyder, Nathan Zahn, Desert Dwellers and 2014 Juno Nominee Noah Pred

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