Public Art/Design – Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions – Site Specific Visual Installation (Public Art, Art Installation or Architectural Design) – Transform our beer garden into a futuristic lounge!  Sponsored by Towers Realty, 5468796 Architecture Inc & Torque Beer.  ***SUBMISSION DEADLINE MOVED TO JUNE 8th***

MEMETIC is pleased to announce our inaugural Call for Site Specific Visual Installation for MEME 2018 @ Old Market Square. This 3 day event runs August 17th – 19th.

Submission PDF can be downloaded HERE or see below.

MEMETIC invites proposals from artists/designers that will transform a portion of Old Market Square in Winnipeg’s Exchange District for MEMETIC 2018. Proposals should include preliminary plans for the project, a detailed budget and a list of participating individuals with a current CV.  The installation should be conceptual, interactive, utilize visual elements that are impactful in an outdoor space both during the day and at night and be accessible to the thousands of people entering this public space during our free event.

The total available budget is $10,000 and must cover all costs of designing, commissioning and installing the MEMETIC visual installation including but not limited to: artist fees, taxes, travel, materials, insurance, fabrication, installation and removal. Artist fees should be kept within the CARFAC fee schedule for 2018 unless justification for a greater rate can be provided and should not exceed 20% of the total budget. The selected winner will collaborate with the MEMETIC team on all aspects of the installation process.



MEMETIC is made up of a collective of members with backgrounds in electronic music production, audio experimentation, video projection performances, multi-media installations, event organization, artist management, graphic design, photography, special event marketing, web development and record label management.  MEMETIC is dedicated to the dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music, and audio-visual art. Its mandate is to provide a platform for the most original and visionary artists currently working in their fields, with the intent of providing an outlet of initiation and discovery for its audiences.


Old Market Square / The Cube

Situated in the historic Exchange District, Old Market Square is a public park with a permanent stage (The Cube) for performances and a temporary beer garden where this call for proposals will be located.  Please see the site map below for dimensions and location of our licensed area.

For more info on Old Market Square, please visit:


MEME promotes cutting edge electronic music & creativity with technology.

Suggested aesthetics include techno futurism, advanced technology, robots, outer-space, aliens, alternate realities, psychedelic shamanism and all things science fiction or surreal.  Please note that these themes are wide open to interpretation and we invite submissions to be bold and creative in interpreting these themes.


Designers must have experience developing and installing similar or related projects, and the proposal should have a strong conceptual foundation. MEMETIC offers an opportunity to bring forward thinking art & design to a wide audience, to activate this public venue and to celebrate this electronic music culture. The artistic merit of the proposal will be the key criteria in selecting the curator but the following points are critical:

  • The proposed project must happen rain or shine.
  • The proposed project will open at 4pm on Friday August 17th & close at 11:59pm on August 19th
  • The proposed project must utilize the entire licensed beer garden with a main focal point in one area (see site map below for dimensions)
  • The proposed project must include interesting lighting design
  • The proposed project must have structurally sound design and be built to code
  • The proposed project must be made from weather resistant materials
  • Art may be pre-existing or in the design phase
  • The proposed project should be both something that can be experienced within the beer garden (licensed alcohol sales area) and by those passing within the close vicinity of the project (around the outside of the beer garden for all ages)
  • It is required that the work be able to be erected in the 24 hour period before the festival starts and can be removed within 24 hours of the end of the festival (MEMETIC will have some volunteers available for this)


To apply, applicants must submit a complete proposal package by June 1st, 2018 (11:59pm CST), that includes:

  • A curatorial statement and foundational concept for the proposal as a whole.
  • Description of the proposed artist project(s) (750 words max total).
  • CVs for all participating artists, designers and curators.
  • Short bios (max 1 page each) for participating individuals describing their work and other relevant information can also be submitted.
  • $10,000 budget that includes all costs relating to the conception, design, development, insurance, fabrication, installationn and removal/site restoration and including all artist and curatorial fees and taxes as well as all travel, per diem and accommodation costs required.
  • Timeline for project development, fabrication and installation (note: MEMETIC will assist with some installation details).
  • Up to 20 images (or some combination of video and images) representing the work of the artists, designers and curators participating in the project.  Links to images or videos are accepted too.


The complete proposal package must be submitted via email to [email protected]  on or before 11:59pm CST on June 8th, 2018. If emailing with any questions, please use the Subject Line: MEME 2018 Art/Design Submission. All applicants will receive an e-mail to confirm receipt of their application. If you submit an application and do not receive a confirmation e-mail your application has not been received and you will need to follow up with us at [email protected] Please note: late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. All applications will be reviewed by a jury organized by MEMETIC and will include practicing artists and arts professionals, curators, and production personnel. It is our goal to notify the selected curator by June 11th, 2018.

MEMETIC reserves the right to extend the deadline if it deems it necessary. MEMETIC reserves the right to not recommend any proposal and to terminate or re-advertise this opportunity.


The selected curator will work closely and collaboratively with our production team and will adhere to our timelines. It is expected that the curator will be the main contact with the artists. Our team will provide support, resources (where available) and expertise in executing artworks of this scale and type. All permit costs will be covered by MEMETIC.


The selected projects will be used in an umbrella marketing campaign to promote the overall event. The campaign will include media partnerships and an advertising campaign plus a multi-level PR and social media campaign in association with MEMETIC / Exchange District Biz. Curator and artist participation in media events is required.


For additional information please contact us at [email protected]





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