Sound of Berlin – Documentary

From DJ MAG:

A new documentary about Berlin’s techno scene and electronic music history has just been released.

Sound of Berlin is a one-hour documentary that explores the German capital’s rich club culture and long-standing status as one of the global epicentres for electronic music.

Executive produced by Hermes Eck and produced by Franziska Koch and Carolina Thiele, Sound of Berlin features artists interviews with Juan Atkins, Pan-Pot, Mathias Kaden, Monolink and Marc Houle, who also provided the film’s score. Additional interviews include Dr. Motte, DJ and cofounder of the now-defunct Love Parade festival and technoparade; Dimitri Hegemann, founder and owner of Berlin’s legendary nightclub and record label, Tresor; and Alexander Krüger, owner of event space and venue Alte Münze.

The Sound of Berlin documentary and accompanying soundtrack will be available on Apple Music via Berlin-based record label Embassy One.

This past February also saw the release of Symphony of Now, a techno-scored film about Berlin’s nightlife. Last year, the celebrated German documentary We Call It Techno!became available to watch with English subtitles for the first time. Elsewhere, MFS Berliner Trance, a recently rediscovered documentary, goes behind the scenes of Berlin’s legendary trance scene in the early ‘90s.

Watch the trailer for Sound of Berlin below.



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